Spyder Pro


SPYDER CARBON-smaler-lighter-faster
inclusive Pro Skate 190 runners

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Description du produit


  • Manoeuvrable
  • Foldable 
  • Glide and stability have been optimised by deepening the front of the sled
  • Cross country ski which offers optimal track stability and can be perfectly prepared
  • Movable runner exchange system with 100% fixation from sled to runner
  • Perfectly developed runner chancing system
  • Specially developed brake mat pull up and down system steered from the handlebar
  • Longer Barends on the handlebar
  • For extra grip the handlebar tape has been changed to a resistant cellular rubber
  • Coated aluminium frame in 4 colours available
  • Sledbag with zipper on the right side
  • Sledbag available in different colors
  • two anchorholders with snow hook fixation
  • Higher quality and precision machining of all plastic parts
  • Startingline
  • length incl. runner: 215cm, width: 50cm, height: 92cm
  • weight: 10,5kg incl. runners


 Runner for Spyder Pro: click here for several models...


Transport sac
€ 94,90
Ski bag up to 3 pairs of runners
€ 32,90
Anchor € 69,90



Update: 24.12.2018

We wish all customers and mushers Marry Christmas and a successful new year!!!




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