Speedy I


Speedy I
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RSS showes a sled of the new Generation

This sled is for all these, who wants to drive with their dogs from the first snowfall through the winter landscape.
The low weight makes it possible, that also singel dog and two dog owners can enjoy the feeling to drive with a sled.
This sled is, same as our other products, easy foldable, maneuverable and the flexible loading space can transport 30 kg.

length incl. runner: 163 cm width: 48cm, height: 95cm

At the moment we can offer 3 different models:

The model Speedy I
is for Sportsman who wants to go on snow only few times per year with the sled.

The model Speedy II is the evolution level of Speedy I, in addition it offers a foodbrake, barends on the side and the handlebar with bar tape.
This sled is intended for doglovers, who wants to go more sportive with one or two dogs.

The model Speedy III offers also the foodbrake, barends on the side and the handlebar with bar tape.
And a brakemat for saftey speed reduction.

Especially the Cani Cross Scene should be accosted with these two models

Runner for speedy model : Klick here


Update: 24.12.2018

We wish all customers and mushers Marry Christmas and a successful new year!!!





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Accessory Speedy

Storage bag Speedy
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